Brooklyn Lounges

Having a night out should be easy, right? With thousands of different bars in the Brooklyn area, it can seem a little overwhelming to find the perfect bar that your friends will enjoy. Enter SportChaser. We’ve compiled a list of the area’s best bars and lounges for you. Whether you’re looking for a place with spacious, open seating, or you want a venue with a more adventurous menu and your favorite beer on tap, we can help. All you have to do is round up your friends, and we’ll find you the perfect place for you and your team to enjoy a night on the town.

Take the GuessWork Out of a Night Out

Trying to find a bar or lounge in Brooklyn might be daunting at first—but when you enlist the help of SportChaser, you can find the perfect Brooklyn lounge in less than 5 minutes. And we’ll let you take all the credit.

Perfect for Everyone

No matter what type of night out you are looking for—we’ve got lounges that will fit the bill:

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