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Make gametime count. Manhattan sports bars can be tricky to find—especially finding the one with the perfect combination of food, clientele, location, and games. At SportChaser, we understand that all of our users have different tastes, and we aim to help all of them have the perfect viewing experience. Now, no matter what you are in the mood for, you’ll find the right bar—every time.

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Whether you’re looking to branch out from your go-to bar, just moved to New York and want to find your fellow hometown fans, or want to find a pub with hard-to-find international events, SportChaser can help you find what you’re looking for without searching through bar after bar.

Using the power of technology, SportChaser has been able to help hundreds of MLB, NBA MLS, and college sports fans find bars that not only fit their style, but play the games they want to see most—from opening day, to the Super Bowl, to the World Cup.

So, here’s to the nail-biting games and enjoying good food with fellow sports fans. Sign up for a SportChaser account today—we promise to be the world’s best wingman.

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SportChaser connects you to the best bars in New York City to watch your favorite team play!
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